To better address the datacenter market PICMIG has developed thePICMG 3.7 AdvancedTCA specification, as an extension to the existing ATCA standard. The extension utilizes the available depth in server cabinets and the environmental characteristics of datacenters to dramatically increase the power and throughput, while reducing the cost of the systems.

Based on building blocks from its successful MaXum series, Asis has developed a PICMG 3.7 AdvancedTCA chassis. The chassis includes a dual-sided shelf that can hold up to 28 or 32 blades in a 19” cabinet, new board types, additional power and cooling, options for a limited input voltage range, and a dramatic increase in the Base Interface.

Dual-sided Shelf

The PICMG 3.7 ATCA chassis includes a dual-sided shelf, which can be viewed as two ATCA systems, back-to-back with common mechanics, Hardware Platform Management (HPM), and power input. The dual-sided shelf easily fits onto a standard datacenter server cabinet, which supporting existing ATCA front boards in both the front and rear of the shelf. This doubles the available board space with only a slight increase in the height of the shelf needed for larger air plenums.

Double-slot blades

The PICMG 3.7 AdvancedTCA also supports double-slot blades, accommodating physically larger DIMMs and bigger processor heat sinks, and more space for disk drives and I/O. In addition, extended boards can be used to double the available PCB space and available power for a board, holding additional processors, GPUs, DSPs, and memory. Both the Front Boards and the Extended Boards have their own source of power from a backplane so the board pair can dissipate up to 1200 W. The PICMG 3.7 ATCA chassis supports up to 14 double-slot blades with a monolithic backplane.

Lower ambient temperature requirements

PICMG 3.7 AdvancedTCA specifies lower maximum ambient temperature of 40 degrees. The new requirement enables cooling of up to 700W per single board or 1000W per double-wide boards, without increasing the cost of the system.

True 100G backplane

By combining advanced backplane manufacturing techniques with the ERNI’s new-generation ZD Pro connectors, Asis’ new PICMG 3.7 AdvancedTCA chassis can include backplanes that enables 100 Gb/s Ethernet connectivity with impeccable signal integrity, achieving up to 4 Tb/s aggregated throughput.

Different Slot configurations:

  • 28/32 single full size ATCA blades for 19”/23” rackmounts
  • 14 ATCA blades + 14 ETM (Extended Transition Modules)
  • 14 Double-wide boards with monolithic backplane
      • Front-to-back pull cooling, scalable from 300W to 700W per single board or 1000W per double-wide boards.
      • 40G/100G Dual Star, Dual Dual Star or full Mesh
      • New-generation ShMM 700 (Pigeon Point) redundant shelf manager
      • Efficient AC power for datacenter environment
      • All chassis can be customized to support customer’s application needs
      • Compliance:
        • Designed for CE and CSA
        • Designed for FCC part 15
        • PICMG 3.0 R3.0 Compliant
        • RoHS