MaXum ATCA Systems

Asis’ MaXum ATCA product line introduces a variety of innovations that reduce time to market, enhance performance, reduce cost, support future-proof scalability, and introduce new NEBS-compliant form factors.

  • Multiple products on common architecture – All MaXum series products share the same architecture, building blocks and components, from the alarm panel, EEPROM to the SLMM.
  • Future-proof expandable chassis – MaXum introduces a new scalability concept, allowing customers to expand the capabilities and capacity of the chassis in order to support the next two blade generations.
  • Front-to-back cooling of horizontal blades - Through its innovative Sphereflow™ technology, MaXum offers the first mid-sized ATCA (6/3-slot) chassis with high-powered front-to-back airflow cooling. 
  • Outstanding energy and size efficiencies – The MaXum series features a variety of innovative technologies that reduce energy and space consumption including dynamic cooling algorithms, partial cooling based on utilization, and innovative thermal designs.
  • Field interchangeable Integrated AC/DC solution – The integrated AC support can be easily added in the field, providing outstanding flexibility and time-to-market.
  • Intera™ pre-integrated switch slot (optional) –  A dedicated small-sized switch card slot, which is located in the chassis itself, freeing up to two additional payload slots for significantly greater processing power.
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