All Asis Pro backplanes undergo various Signal Integrity Tests to ensure that they meet their design requirements and are fully compatible with industry standards. Special emphasis is put on high speed lines to meet the standard’s specifications with enough margins for proper application functioning and room for future growth. The Signal Integrity Tests utilize Asis’ special-purpose paddle cards that connect to all of the backplane’s high speed differential pairs, presenting the lowest values for return loss and insertion loss that leave the target results unaffected. Using powerful network analyzers that connect to the paddle cards, Asis Pro accurately measure the backplane’s performance and verify that it meets the mask standard requirements.

Two major tests include the measurement of the return loss and insertion loss.

Return loss is the loss of power in the signal returned/reflected by a discontinuity in a transmission line (expressed in decibels – dB)

Insertion loss is the loss of signal power (including crosstalk) resulting from the insertion of a device in a transmission line (expressed in decibels – dB)

The backplanes are tested according to the IEEE 802.3 standards the Mask is change in accordance with the Bandwidth of Bps running on the Backplane.