Asis Pro has been developing AdvancedTCA chassis since the inception of the standard over 10 years ago, always ahead of the curve in terms of performance and innovation. Since its establishment,AdvancedTCA_reg_newthe company took a strategic decision to specialize in the development of open standard platform and especially invest in the highest-end open standard AdvancedTCA. This expertise in high-end platform gives Asis Pro the capabilities to conceptualize and develop any other form of customized platform in the shortest possible time-to-market. Asis Pro' strong understanding of the different markets using ATCA has led to three generations of feature-rich products that give added value to our customers' end products.Asis has the widest ATCA portfolio of products, all available in flexible modular configurations.

Here are some of the main advantages of using Asis Pro ATCA chassis:

  • All chassis can accept field interchangeable AC/DC inputs, N+1 or N+N redundancy
  • 10G/40G/100G backplane in Dual Star, Dual Dual Star or Full Mesh
  • Asis Pro' MaXum 450-500 Series 14 Slot chassis can scale from 300W to 700W per slot cooling Option for front to back cooling in all size chassis
  • More processing density in the chassis allowing for higher cost performance ratio
  • Option for pre-integrated 40G switches that do not take up space from the processing boards, therefore increasing the processing power on the midsize chassis by 30%-50%


  • MaXum AdvancedTCA

    Asis’ MaXum ATCA product line introduces a variety of innovations that reduce time to market, enhance performance, reduce cost, support future-proof scalability, and introduce new NEBS-compliant form factors. Multiple products…

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  • Perform AdvancedTCA

    The Perform AdvancedTCA Series has been especially designed for the most demanding applications,where superior performance and reliability justifies the investment on a best-in-every-category solution. The Perform AdvancedTCA chassis offers the…

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  • Innovative Technologies

    ASIS Pro supporting innovative technologies delivers maximum efficiency and robustness for our partner’s products. From cooling innovative solutions to storage and CPU demands, collaborating with Asis Pro guarantees significant cost reduction while…

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  • ATCA Accessories

    ATCA Accessories - Chassis power cable Power cord is used to connect the equipment to AC supply mains. It has to be of an approved type acceptable…

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  • Genesis AdvancedTCA

    Genesis 40G ATCA Series The Genesis 40G ATCA series is a high-powered, yet cost-effective ATCA chassis. With side-to-side cooling of up to 550W per slot, using only 6 fans to…

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  • PICMG 3.7 AdvancedTCA

    To better address the datacenter market PICMIG has developed thePICMG 3.7 AdvancedTCA specification, as an extension to the existing ATCA standard. The extension utilizes the…

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  • 600W ATCA Load Blade

    The Asis DLB600 load blade is an indispensable tool for testing and employing ATCA systems. It provides up to 600W with four separately-controlled zones of…

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