Asis Pro offers a wide range of standard shelves with multiple configuration options. However, we recognize that clients often need further customization to fit their specific needs.

Our unique flexible approach enables further customization of ATCA Platforms, VPX, VME, cPCI, MTCA Platforms products without volume limitations and restrictions.

Our team of experienced engineers provides guidance and assistance throughout the process, ensuring that the optimal result is achieved.

Some examples of configuration options:

  • New look and feel: bezel, direct printing on the chassis or printing over Lexan stickers
  • Different locations for cable management with various sizes and shapes
  • Adjustment of number of fan trays and of power supplies
  • Adjustment of the type and complexity of shelf managers
  • Different sizes of RTM (“Rear transition module”)
  • Different types and sizes of backplanes (see “customized backplanes” section)
  • Adjustment of mounting flanges for different sizes of Racks
  • Different sizes of filler panels