Asis-Pro development team leads the company-wide commitment to creating products that fulfill our customer needs or characteristics. From product definition to system architecture development and down to introduction process, Asis-Pro offers support and capabilities for consistent product development so our clients striving to keep up with trends and changes can ensure their profitability and future development. Working in accordance with strict and non-compromise processes, our competitive product development strategy involves hardware, software, mechanical and system comprehensive tests.

Asis-Pro is ISO-9001 certified, adhering to various international standards and complying with specifications created by industry standards organizations.

Development Capabilities:

  • Hardware development – board design including CPU-based management cards, cooling system’s monitoring and control cards, high-speed backplanes up to 100Gbps, interconnect communication and switching cards for chassis and platforms management. TIG also specializes in the development of special testing cards for the various platforms, such as dynamic load testing cards, special jigs etc.
  • Software development – TIG develops software for chassis management, Power and cooling algorithms. The software offers innovative power and cooling efficiencies, monitoring, alarms, and remote access.
  • Electro-mechanical design – electro-mechanical design of the platform, including its thermal design, based on commercial or military (ruggedized) standards.
  • Testing, integration and verification – integration and verification, including definition of a comprehensive test plan, from the bring up stage til the acceptance stages. The process includes intensive system tests, environmental testing and certification, emissions tests (ETSI, NEBS), safety tests (CSA, UL), through external labs and certification bodies. TIG houses a CSA-certified safety lab, enabling in-house testing.
  • NPI – TIG includes an NPI team that accompanies the development engineers in the creation of the production file and the transition to the manufacturing plant for mass production process.
  • Asis-Pro R&D Group provides full Product Life Cycle support.