Genesis 200 3U 2 slots is the world’s most advanced small-sized chassis to offer high-powered side-to-side cooling. Genesis200 can be used in high-speed carrier-grade environments, offering outstanding 40Gbps performance and cooling capacity of up to 450W per slot.

  • Compact build

Genesis200 supports 2 application blades in 2U height of the DC system and 3U height of the AC system.

  • Innovative side-to-side cooling technology
    Asis’ advanced and field-proven technology enables side-to-side cooling of horizontal blades, ready for carrier-grade environments.
  • Seamless transition from AC to DC 
    Supporting both AC and DC environments, Genesis200’s power entry module enables field-upgradeable seamless transition between AC and DC environments. The AC version supports N+N redundancy and full current sharing, while the DC version supports two feeds of redundant power entry of -48VDC/-60VDC.
  • Advanced 40G backplane 
    Genesis 200 3U 2 slots offers 15x Replicated Mesh topology in an ultrafast 40Gbps backplane. The new architecture dramatically increases the throughput and the amount of I/O for extremely high-throughput low-latency applications, such as deep packet inspection, network/IT security, and real-time high volume data processing.
  • Next-generation shelf management
    Genesis200 features Pigeon Point’s new-generation ShMM 700 shelf manager. The new shelf manager offers major advancements in redundancy, quality, stability and cost-efficiency.


  • Compact build: 2 application blades in 2U height (DC) and 3U height (AC)
  • Pressurized side-to-side cooling for optimized performance, supporting 450W per slot at 55˚C
  • 40Gbps 15x Replicated Mesh backplane
  • New-generation Pigeon Point ShMM 700 redundant shelf manager
  • AC power up to 2KW with N+N redundancy
  • DC power with redundant -48VDC/-60VDC feeds
  • Smooth transition from DC configuration to AC configuration and vice versa
  • Compliance:
    • CE and CSA Certified
    • FCC part 15 Compliant
    • PICMG 3.0 R2.0 Compliant
    • RoHS and REACH compliant