MicroTCA_Logo_Final_version_2Asis Pro’ MicroTCA Series breaks the mTCA cost barriers without compromising on the standard’s advanced features and performance. The mTCA chassis’ unique architecture enables the use of “off-the-shelf” and simplified components such as fan trays and power supplies, while still maintaining distributed power and smart cooling, as required by the mTCA Systems standard. It is like porting ATCA advantages into the mTCA world.

Some of the primary markets for MicroTCA are:

  • Edge telecom networksmTCAImg
  • Digital image / video processing in industrial and medical applications
  • Enterprise / Industrial data processing
  • Network packet analyzers
  • High energy physics laboratories
  • Military / Aerospace applications such as Analog – Digital Conversions, Signal processing from multiple sensors and communications
  • Cloud computing
  • Oil and gas explotation, Geomatics
  • Border secutity.


Supports Standard Server PSUs 

One of the major cost contributors in an mTCA system is its “smart” power supply units. In addition, the fact that they serve only the mTCA means that they are relatively limited in availability, and limit the customer choice of power supplies. Asis Pro has been able to address this challenge by developing a unique architecture that enables the use of “off-the-shelf” server PSUs, while maintaining the sophisticated distributed power, as required by the mTCA standard. The use of standard server PSUs dramatically reduces the cost of the system and its time to market, and improves its availability and reliability.


Superior Low-Cost Cooling 
Asis Pro’ mTCA series offer high cooling power of up to 80 watts per AMC and MCH. Asis Pro unique architecture removes the complex part of the fan tray and still maintains the cooling control and monitoring as require by the mTCA standard. By supporting the use of relatively simple “off-the-shelf” fan tray modules, Asis Pro was able to dramatically reduce costs and increase the reliability of the system.


Full Redundancy or No Redundancy Option
The mTCA chassis offer fully redundant fan trays and power supplies. These components are fully managed and hot swappable, as required by the standard.

However, Asis Pro has identified market segments and applications that do not require such redundancy and high-availability, and has developed a lower-cost version that although does not include redundancy, still provides standard mTCA interface, control and management to the AMCs and MCH in the chassis.