The Asis MicroTCA 2U shelf offer outstanding cost effectiveness: it is fully compliant with the mTCA Chassis standard while providing a lot of room for processing at a very reasonable price. It achieves these goals by incorporating ATCA advantages to the mTCA world.

Power supply

The shelf includes dual redundant 1000W power supply which provides all the power the various components need and is ready for future growth. The power supply is fully managed by the shelf manager and is an important part of the shelf price advantages by being “off-the-shelf” type, avoiding the usual high cost of mTCA supplies.


The shelf is cooled by one fan tray. Per the mTCA Chassis standard, the shelf manager controls the rotation speed of the fans according to the various shelf temperature sensors and reports the rotation speed of all fans. Asis achieves this functionality by a unique, reliable and cost effective mechanism.

Form factor

  • 2U; 19”
  • 12 AMC
  • 2 MCH
  • 300mm depth
    • Low cost – supports the use of “off-the-shelf” server PSUs and simplified fan tray modules
    • Fully redundant – redundant power supplies (no-redundancy option available)
    • High-Power – cooling power of up to 80 watts per AMC/MCH; Fully managed, redundant, and hot swappable cooling units
    • High-speed Backplane – 10/40 GbE fat pipe; 1GbE routed for AMC; IPMI.
    • AC/DC configurations – AC 223-110; DC 48V
    • Compliance – EIA Compliant; RoHS Compliant; PICMG MicroTCA.0 R1.0

Data Sheet


Data User Manual

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