MaXum 460 14-Slot is the most energy efficient chassis within MaXum’s 14 slot product line. Based on the same energy-efficient pull cooling as the MaXum 450 version, MaXum 460 supports cooling of up to 435W per slot (20% increase), thanks to its innovative thermal design, which includes a larger outlet.

  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced ambient noise
    MaXum460 was especially designed for increased efficiency and reduced ambient noise. By combining optimized chassis design with dynamic cooling technology, state-of-the-art fans, and optimized cooling algorithms, MaXum 460 14-Slot provides outstanding energy efficiency.
  • Advanced 40G backplane 
    Asis is renowned for pioneering the “Dual-Dual Star” topology. MaXum460 takes a giant step forward, offering “Dual Star”, “Dual-Dual Star”, and “Full Mesh” topologies in an ultra-fast 40Gbps backplane. The new architecture dramatically increases the throughput and the amount of I/O for extremely high-throughput low-latency applications, such as deep packet inspection, network/IT security, and real-time high volume data processing. In addition, MaXum460 is the first chassis to bring 40G full mesh topology on a 14-slot configuration, opening new horizons for massive-scale data acquisition and NFV/SDN applications.
  • Next-generation shelf management
    MaXum 460 14-Slot features Pigeon Point’s new-generation ShMM 700 redundant shelf manager. The new shelf manager offers major advancements in quality, stability and cost-efficiency.

Front-to-back pull cooling of up to 435W per slot

  •     40Gbps “Dual Star” “Dual Dual Star” or “Full Mesh”
  •     New-generation ShMM 700 (Pigeon Point) redundant shelf manager
  •     AC power with up to 20kW with N+1 or N+N redundancy 435W per slot
  •     DC power with redundant -48VDC/-60VDC feeds 435W per slot
  •     Space for user designed modules and storage with power and switch interconnects
  •     All chassis can be customized to support customer’s application needs
  • Compliance:
    • CE and CSA Certified
    • FCC part 15 Compliant
    • PICMG 3.0 R3.0 Compliant
    • RoHS

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