MaXum 500 14-Slot brings the future of ATCA chassis, today. With power distribution of 450W per slot, pressurized front-to-back cooling of up to 450W per slot, and 40G Dual Star, Dual-Dual Star, and Full Mesh backplanes, MaXum500 is a future-proof chassis that supports any current or future requirements for the most demanding applications.

  • Massive power distribution
    MaXum 500 14-Slot breaks the power distribution barriers. Its innovative easy-connection DC power entry module supports a massive 250A power feed, with redundant power entry of -48VDC/-60VDC and an unprecedented power distribution of up to 450W per slot. The AC version features up to 20kW of AC power with N+1 or N+N redundancy and full current sharing.
  • Industry-leading cooling power
    With pressurized front-to-back cooling of up to 450W per slot, MaXum500 leads the industry, supporting any current and future blade cooling requirements. Despite its intensive cooling capabilities, through its Dynamic Cooling feature, MaXum500 is extremely energy efficient, delivering the exact amount of cooling necessary for each blade at all times.
  • Advanced 40G backplane 
    Asis is renowned for pioneering the “Dual-Dual Star” topology. MaXum500 takes a giant step forward, offering both Dual-Dual Star and Full Mesh topologies in an ultra fast 40Gbps backplane. The new architecture dramatically increases the throughput and the amount of I/O for extremely high-throughput low-latency applications, such as deep packet inspection, network/IT security, and real-time high volume data processing. In addition, MaXum 500 14-Slot is the first chassis to bring 40G full mesh topology on a 14-slot configuration, opening new horizons for massive-scale data acquisition and NFV/SDN applications.
  • Next-generation shelf management
    MaXum500 features Pigeon Point’s new-generation ShMM 700 redundant shelf manager. The new shelf manager offers major advancements in quality, stability and cost-efficiency.
  • Field interchangeable Integrated AC/DC solution 
    The integrated AC support can be easily added in the field, providing outstanding flexibility and time-to-market. The AC solution supports fully redundant N+1 and N+N configurations. The power from the PSUs to the shelf is provided via two field replaceable AC PEM units, each with a rating of -48 VDC and up to 250 AMP. Each PEM is capable of supplying 100% of shelf power, while the two-PEM configuration provides full power redundancy. To eliminate a single point of failure across the entire path, one or two AC power trays can be connected to two redundant power sources for maximum availability.
  • Pressurized front-to-back cooling of up to 450W per slot
  • 40Gbps “Dual Star” “Dual-Dual Star” or “Full Mesh”
  • New-generation ShMM 700 (Pigeon Point) redundant shelf manager
  • AC power with up to 20kW with N+1 or N+N redundancy
  • DC power with redundant -48VDC/-60VDC feeds 450W per slot
  • Space for user designed modules and storage with power and switch interconnects
  • All chassis can be customized to support customer’s application needs
  • Compliance:
    • CE and CSA Certified
    • FCC part 15 Compliant
    • PICMG 3.0 R3.0 Compliant
    • RoHS



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