MaXum 400 6-Slot is the world’s first mid-sized chassis to offer high-powered front-to-back cooling. Designed for NEBS/ETSI compliance, MaXum 400 6-Slot can be used in carrier-grade environments, offering outstanding cooling capacity of 375W per slot.

  • Innovative front-to-back cooling technology for horizontal blades
    Asis’ unique patent-pending Sphere Flow™ technology enables real front-to-back cooling of horizontal blades. This outstanding innovation enables the use of mid-sized 6- slot chassis in carrier-grade environments, while remaining NEBS compliant.
  • Seamless transition from AC to DC 
    Supporting both AC and DC environments, MaXum400’s unique power entry module enables seamless transition between AC and DC environments. The AC version supports 375W per slot with N+1 or N+N redundancy and full current sharing, while the DC version supports feeds of up to 375W per slot and redundant power entry of -48VDC/-60VDC.
  • Advanced 40G backplane 
    MaXum 400 6-Slot offers both Dual Star and 3x Replicated Mesh topologies in an ultra fast 40Gbps backplane. The new architecture dramatically increases the throughput and the amount of I/O for extremely high-throughput low-latency applications, such as deep packet inspection, network/IT security, and real-time high volume data processing.
  • Next-generation shelf management
    MaXum400 features Pigeon Point’s new-generation ShMM 700 redundant shelf manager. The new shelf manager offers major advancements in quality, stability and cost-efficiency.

  • Sphere Flow™ technology enables front-to-back cooling of horizontal blades
  • Pressurized front-to-back cooling of up to 375W per slot
  • 40Gbps Dual Star or 3x Replicated Mesh
  • New-generation ShMM 700 (Pigeon Point) redundant shelf manager
  • AC power with up to 6.4KW with N+1 or N+N redundancy 375W per slot
  • DC power with redundant -48VDC/-60VDC feeds 375W per slot
  • Space for user designed modules and storage with power and switch interconnects
  • All chassis can be customized to support customer’s application needs
  • Compliance:
    • CE and CSA Certified
    • FCC part 15 Compliant
    • PICMG 3.0 R3.0 Compliant
    • RoHS



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