MaXum 100 1-Slot 1U  is a cost-effective ATCA entry-level chassis that is ideal for testing, evaluation, and demonstration purposes, yet robust enough for deployment. Unlike traditional pizza box enclosures, which are proprietary and require long implementation cycles, Maxum 100 reduces time-to-market, offering plug-and-play installation of blades with RTM I/O expansion, out-of-the-box superior 450W cooling and redundant -48VDC/-60VDC power entries.

  • Cost-effective management
    MaXum 100 1-Slot 1U offers cost-effective management. The fan speed is controlled by Microcontroller or via IPMI bus of the application blade.
  • Easy access to internal blade
    The MaXum 100 1-Slot 1U chassis offers the ability to open its top while the blade is powered up, providing seamless access to the internal blade components, ideal for testing with a scope.
  • Realistic blade conditions
    The MaXum 100 1-Slot 1U enables testing and evaluating the blades with realistic conditions from the initial development stages to full deployment in carrier-grade production environments.
  • Superior 450W per slot cooling
  • Fan speed control by PIC microcontroller or via IPMI bus of the application blade
  • Open top testing
  • RTM I/O expansion
  • Status LED indicators
  • Optional energy-efficient 200W model for low power blades
  • All chassis can be customized to support customer’s application needs
  • Compliance:
    • CE and CSA Certified
    • FCC part 15 Compliant
    • PICMG 3.0 R3.0 Compliant
    • RoHS



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