The Perform 140 14-Slot ATCA chassis offers a fully redundant three hot-swappable fan trays, dual hot-swappable shelf managers, up to five 1600W AC power supplies or two DC Power Entry Modules (PEMs). With backplane speed of up to 40G and 300W front-to-back cooling, the Perform 14-slot ensures outstanding performance and reliability.

  • Superior front-to-back cooling Perform 14-slot features three powerful fan trays, each containing two high performance fans with a cooling capacity of 300W per slot. These enhanced cooling capabilities are based on a comprehensive thermal study and realized with advanced fan systems.
  • Flexible power entry modules Perform 14-slot ATCA supports both AC and DC configurations for maximum flexibility. The AC version features five redundant and hot swappable power supplies of 1600W, each supporting IPMI. The DC features two redundant and hot swappable -48- -60 VDC PEMs.
  • Ultra fast Dual-Dual-Star 40G backplanes Perform 14-slot ATCA features ultra fast 40G backplanes. The fabric interface features Dual-star or Dual Dual-star interconnect and the base interface features Dual-star Ethernet signaling environment.

  • 19” rackmount
  • Both AC and DC configuration for maximum flexibility
  • PICMG 3.1 R1.0(R2.0 TBD), and IPMI v 1.5/2.0 compliant shelf
  • 300W per slot
  • Three powerful fan trays, each contains two high performance fans
  • Shelf manager options based on Pigeon Point ShMM Sentry 500
  • AC features Asis’ five propriety redundant and hot swappable power supplies of 1500W each supporting IPMI
  • DC features two redundant and hot swappable -48- -60 VDC PEMs
  • 40 Gbps backplane speed:
  • Base interface Dual-star Ethernet signaling environment
  • Fabric interface with Dual-star or Dual Dual-star interconnect
  • Cable managment trays fitted Front top and bottom
  • Exceeds MTBF and MTTR ATCA standard requirements
  • “NEBS Level 3 ready” integrated system
  • RoHS compliant
  • CE, UL, TUV and CSA certified
  • FCC and CISPR compliant


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