The Perform AdvancedTCA Series has been especially designed for the most demanding applications,where superior performance and reliability justifies the investment on a best-in-every-category solution.

The Perform AdvancedTCA chassis offers the flexibility of a small form-factor shelf for development or demonstration purposes with the possibility of deploying the same shelf as a final product.

Key Features

  • Both AC and DC versions are available
  • Surpasses the ATCA standard requirements in availability and serviceability
  • Intelligent power management module including over-current protection
  • Perform 30 2-Slot

    The Perform 30 2-Slot ATCA chassis was especially designed for the most demanding applications, where superior performance, availability and reliability cannot be compromised.  With backplane…

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  • Perform 60 6-Slot

    The Perform 60 6-Slot ATCA chassis offers ultra fast backplane speed of 40G or 10G and 300W per slot fully redundant push-pull cooling. Available in both AC…

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  • Perform 140 14-Slot

    The Perform 140 14-Slot ATCA chassis offers a fully redundant three hot-swappable fan trays, dual hot-swappable shelf managers, up to five 1600W AC power supplies or…

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