Rugged systems

Asis pro rugged systems for mission critical computing provide our partners with maximum application payload and complete functionality in any type of harsh environments such as shock & vibration to extreme temperatures terrains.

ruggedRecImgDesigned to address MIL & industrial standards, our COTS application ready ruggedized chassis embody inherent redundancy, power efficiency, superior cooling capabilities and tremendous computing density ideal for the heavy-duty data processing.

From weapon control to surveillance and intelligence, our rugged ATCA, mTCA and VPX systems delivers optimal, lifesaving, performance for high-density network communications.

We offer:

  • VPX Backplanes
  • ATCA / mTCA platforms solutions
  • Ruggedized chassis
  • Power Solutions for Tactic Vehicles
  • RT HW / SW solutions


VPX is a widely used ANSI standard for 3U/6U shelves, based on the VMEbus and mainly adopted by military applications. Asis enables its partners to enjoy the inherent benefits of the VPX and OpenVPX of interoperability, high-speed serial lines, robust technology, high power and high cooling capabilities.

ATRImgThe sealed ruggedized anti shock chassis operates at a data transfer rate of up to 10Gbit/s and are equipped with Asis conductive cooling system that efficiently disperse the heat from the board and PSU. The system can be configured using CPCI, VME, VMEX and VPX backplanes as well as power supply units and I/O connection cards.

The chassis conform to safety and defense specifications and comply with market MIL-STD standards.

Ruggedized VPX:

  • Secure remote access and high availability
  • Cost effectively deploy
  • 3U/6U VPX slots
  • Compact design and weigh
  • sealed coaxial connectors
  • Field deployable for harshest environments
  • Shock & vibration proof.
  • Application ready.
  • MIL-STD standards