Today’s high-speed and high-density systems require comprehensive and accurate signal integrity analysis to ensure optimized performance. Finding the right balance between PCB materials, IC technologies and connector pin assignments ensures cost-performance optimization.

Asis Pro is renowned for its innovative backplane technologies and high-performance designs. As an advanced backplane manufacturer, Asis Pro has the ability to ensure optimal signal integrity, while considering production techniques and constraints.

Using sophisticated testing equipment, we offer advanced signal integrity testing services on our own backplane designs as well as the client’s designs.  Our signal integrity laboratories are equipped with the state-of-the art signal generators and network analyzers necessary to evaluate the performance of even the most complex backplanes.

Our signal integrity analysis services includes high frequency measurements on components and complete systems including:

  • Time and frequency domain characterization
  • Characteristic impedance
  • Reflection/standing wave ratio
  • Pulse signal rise and fall times
  • 4-Port S-parameter analysis
  • Return loss, attenuation, crosstalk
  • Eye-Diagram – compliance tests with chip vendor evaluation modules


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