As a leading designer of high-performance embedded computing systems, Asis-Pro emphasizes the development of innovative solutions to the frequently underestimated heat removal problem in telecomm, networking, and servers chassis and platforms as well as rack's level. Our Cooling & Power envelope features variable speed fans, control and monitoring logic for optimal cooling.

From high-powered front-to-back cooling for mid - sized chassis with its innovative Sphereflow technology to extremely energy efficient cooling method such as Dynamic Cooling feature, Asis Pro is at the forefront of the cooling technologies to enabled ever-higher power boards to be installed while also extending component life by limiting the maximum temperatures to which the components are exposed.

Asis Pro enables its customers to power their systems by AC or DC sources, from low voltages through HVDC to multiple-KV, single or three phase, ATS, with full control of their operation and monitoring of their status. We provide our partners with a full range of devices from a single Power Distribution Module (PDM) for powering multiple local sense/control point to a fully equipped rack.

  • Cooling Design

    To ensure high levels of reliability in embedded computing systems, heat dispersion and removal is a primary consideration since simply, heat kills.  There are several approaches for accomplishing this but…

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  • Cooling Products

    AC/DC Fan control Fan motors are characterized by their electrical configuration (2 to 4-wire), their DC or AC input, and their speed regulating features. 2-wire fans/motors are basic DC fans/motors…

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  • Power Design

    Design and production Systems have their own specific power requirements: various voltages, current, power dissipation, response times, protection blocks, control options and on-going monitoring capabilities. Asis Pro provides its customers…

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  • Power Handling

    Control and monitoring Asis Pro provides its products with full capabilities of control and monitoring for ease of maintenance and field support: On-going product status is locally displayed on LEDs…

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