Design and production

Systems have their own specific power requirements: various voltages, current, power dissipation, response times, protection blocks, control options and on-going monitoring capabilities. Asis Pro provides its customers with energy-efficient, scalable and cost-effective solutions to their current power needs, with a clear path forward for upgrading and meeting future needs.

  • Design per customers’ definitions working according to Scope of Work documents
  • In House CSA certified Laboratory.
  • In depth ATP and test documents, along with needed test jig’s.
  • MTBF calculation and reporting
  • Documentation: user manuals, maintenance guides and quick reference guides
  • Training, warranty and second-line support


Design guidelines:

  • Power efficiency , small space, and cost-effectiveness
  • Thermal analysis, and effective thermal solutions
  • Scalable and designed for future upgrades and enhancements
  • Robust and reliable
  • High availability
  • Power protections for short circuit, inrush currents, overload, overcurrent, overvoltage and reverse polarity conditions
  • EMI immunity
  • Design according to customer safety requirements (UL, TUV, CSA, MET…etc)
  • Serviceability and simple field maintenance, including hot-swap, field replacement and redundancy
  • Local and Remote Control, management ,monitoring and fault alarm

Here are several categories of products Asis Pro has provided its customers:

  • Power Distribution Unit (PDU)
  • Power Distribution Module (PDM)
  • Top of Rack unit with redundant ATS’s, controlling a fully-equipped server rack