Control and monitoring

Asis Pro provides its products with full capabilities of control and monitoring for ease of maintenance and field support:

On-going product status is locally displayed on LEDs or LCD panels and reported to remote monitoring applications. Communication protocols may be Ethernet, serial and I2C and monitoring applications may be simple logs, Syslog, SNMP and HPI. Alarm and fault situations trigger the monitoring application for further analysis and repair.

The products are managed locally and remotely via IP, serial and USB links. Thru these means the product is configured, adapted to local environment and its firmware may be upgraded.


Project handling

Asis Pro designs and builds customers’ products using an efficient and transparent process with the following steps:

  • Participate in the product definition and write necessary documents, such as system specifications, SOW, POC
  • Design, including design documentation and production file according to the agreed-upon specifications, procedures, milestones & deliverables
  • Product prototypes
  • Validation and verification of engineering prototyping to the customer, meeting all product requirements. These units are used for the development, qualification, certifications and reliability tests of the customer.
  • Perform unit qualification/Proof of Design (POD) tests on selected units
  • Certification of the product per the agreed requirements: safety, EMC compliance, etc
  • Design and manufacture robust and reusable transportation package
  • Conduct Serial Production Readiness Review and prepare the full production documentation file for serial production
  • Design automatic jigs and tools for mass production
  • Technical support, including training, product documentation


All these steps are followed by all necessary mutual design reviews and by reviewing and mitigating all projects risks.


Environmental Testing

Asis Pro provides with its power solutions the wide range of certifications and testing:

  • Safety: CB report and worldwide certifications
  • EMC Testing and Certification
  • Heat & humidity chamber testing
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Vibration testing
  • Drop and transportation test