CenTrak’s RTLS technology automates manual tracking systems in clinical operations, providing location and time-specific data such as case status, milestones, patient location and department work queues.

With CenTrak’s Real-Time Location System for clinical workflow healthcare facilities have the ability to:

  • Determine exactly where an asset, patient, or staff member is located
  • Capture events instantaneously with advanced update speeds of 1.5 seconds
  • Automate the collection and analysis of operational data such as medical services taking place (imaging, lab work, etc.), room turnover time and other clinical milestones
  • Record and analyze ER/OR data to identify and track trends in the flow of staff and patients, adjusting the processes if necessary and measuring success
  • Streamline workflow in critical departments by integrating with existing applications such as, EMR, Nurse Call and High Acuity systems.
  • Create custom workflow applications with wearable products featuring programmable buttons
  • Easily scale and deploy CenTrak system with non-invasive installation
  • Increase OR/ED throughput with affordable single-use patient tags
  • Improve High Acuity Workflow