Healthcare facilities rely on numerous temperature-sensitive assets to provide patients with high-quality care. From medications and vaccines to lab diagnostic samples and blood, maintaining proper temperature conditions is key to patient safety and reducing product loss. In certain units like the OR, pressure and humidity are also key factors that need to be monitored and consistently maintained. That’s where CenTrak Spectrum™, the smarter wireless temperature and environmental monitoring solution comes in.

CenTrak eliminates the need for manual reporting by tracking and recording environmental and temperature data remotely. With CenTrak’s healthcare environmental monitoring solution, healthcare facilities can:

  • Effortlessly monitor assets that require strict, temperature-controlled conditions
  • Receive immediate notifications when measurements are sensed below or above set parameters
  • Produce automated compliance reports for any time period


CenTrak Spectrum™ ensures proper asset storage for pharmacies, blood banks, clinical labs, food service, healthcare transportation, vaccines and many more.