Proper hand hygiene practices in medical facilities can help to dramatically reduce the risk of patients contracting a healthcare associated infection (HAI). However, documenting the compliance of staff members can be difficult without an electronic monitoring system in place.

CenTrak’s hand hygiene monitoring solution electronically captures 100% of hand hygiene events in which data can be viewed at the hospital-, department-, or individual-level. For example, CenTrak’s solution can determine if a healthcare worker washed their hands upon entering a room and again after their interaction with a patient. Failure to comply with established hand hygiene protocols will result in a mild beep from the staff member’s RTLS-enabled badge. This allows healthcare facilities to audit hand hygiene processes and decrease the spread of unnecessary infection, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

Hand hygiene monitoring from CenTrak enables healthcare facilities to:

  • Increase compliance with a real-time, gentle reminder to staff if needed
  • Decrease the number of HAIs
  • Reduce treatment costs and length of stay associated with HAIs
  • Improve clinical workflow with no change in established hand hygiene protocols
  • Identify where additional interventions are needed through comprehensive analysis tools
  • Eliminate time spent doing data entry and building reports to demonstrate compliance