A reliable infant security system is essential to the peace of mind of nursing staff and families. CenTrak newbaby™ uniquely combines the industry’s most accurate Real-time Location System (RTLS) with a proven infant safety and security platform to provide newborn location information along with immediate abduction attempt and tamper alerts. This system also supports the correct matching of mothers and infants with the newmom™ tag.

CenTrak newbaby ™ functions using three core components:

  • Tamper-Resistant Tags — Each infant and mother wear a small, comfortable tag that actively provides staff bed- and bassinet-level location visibility.
  • Infrastructure — The system seamlessly integrates with existing security cameras, door locking systems and elevator control systems.
  • Workstations — Easy-to-use software applications enable clinical staff to spend less time managing a security system and more time focusing on their patients. Floorplans are displayed showing patient locations, interactions and movement throughout the facility.