With the ability to track the storage, usage and cleaning lifecycles of medical scopes, CenTrak provides healthcare facilities with a solution to reduce the risk of wide-spread disease and infection from these devices. CenTrak’s DuraTag™ is capable of withstanding harsh disinfection chemicals and high-pressure washing. When used in conjunction with CenTrak’s accurate RTLS technology, this solution allows healthcare facilities to easily and safely monitor these medical assets.

Hospitals rely on CenTrak’s medical scope management system to:

  • Track medical scopes in real time across the entire healthcare facility (ED, OR, GI, Biomed, SPD, Imaging, in-transit, storage locations, etc.)
  • Reprocess dirty scopes promptly with alerts to SPW/Scope Reprocessing staff immediately after a scope is used and placed into a soiled area
  • Monitor the sterilization process of soiled medical scopes by location and provide real-time alerts to staff if a stage in the process is missed
  • Prioritize asset utilization using FIFO management/alerting to avoid expired inventory as well as unnecessary/harmful reprocessing to medical scopes
  • Manage and reduce inventory with utilization data
  • Avoid the spread of bacterial infections
  • Improve clinical workflow