CenTrak Guardian™ offers a Clinical-Grade Real-Time Location System (RTLS) that captures the exact location of people and assets, combined with a comprehensive security and safety platform. This easy-to-use application enables clinical staff to spend less time managing a security system and more time focusing on caring for their patient.

With a CenTrak system, patients have the ability to use facility resources without a sense of “lock-down”. CenTrak’s platform can help facilities empower patients with a feeling of freedom and control while still ensuring their safety.

Guardian provides hospitals greater control over patient security with the ability to:

    • Customize high-risk vs. low-risk patients — Patient classes can be programmed in the system by hospital staff. For example, high-risk patients can have different settings and more restrictive permissions than low-risk ones.
    • Create individual rules and access levels — If a patient does not present any risk, hospitals can provide greater access to facility amenities, such as cafeterias and lobbies. However, others may need to be better protected by limiting their movement throughout the facility. CenTrak provides the ability to determine each individual case and adjust the system accordingly.
  • Integrate CenTrak Guardian with existing security systems — Guardian integrates easily with other security and access control systems your facility may already have in place, such as video surveillance, card access, public address systems and pagers. ottom of Form