Thermal design is a crucial discipline that can substantially affect the performance of embedded computing systems. Although AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA chassis feature high-power cooling mechanisms, such as fan trays, thermal requirements are still dependent on effective heat dissipation and the airflow design throughout the enclosure. Cooling performance varies considerably with the use of specific blades and their airflow impedance. For this reason, accurate and comprehensive thermal simulations are needed in order to create an effective thermal design, which improves cooling performance and, at the same time, reduces the power requirements of the chassis.

Asis Pro provides thermal analysis services as part of the customization of existing platforms as well as the design of new enclosures. Our thermal analysis engineering team offers extensive experience in thermal design and deep knowledge in the various industry standards and their impact on product specifications.

  • Preliminary thermal analysis – As part of the process, Asis Pro thermal design engineers perform a preliminary computerized thermal analysis in order to predict thermal problems and evaluate feasible solutions.
  • Thermal mock-up – In complex cases, the preliminary thermal analysis process may include building and testing of a comprehensive thermal mock-up.
  • Detailed thermal analysis – The engineering team takes an active part in the design process. In cooperation with all other disciplines, they produce a detailed thermal-analysis of all parts of the designed product.
  • Prototype testing – testing and measuring prototypes in order to verify the thermal design and to optimize the solution.