Asis Pro offers complete design and manufacturing services of new enclosure systems and backplanes according to the requirements of the specific customer.

Our engineering team, which comprises electro-mechanical engineers, software engineers, and experts in thermal and high-speed backplane design accompany the client from the initial concept, prototyping, testing and on to manufacturing.

We offer a variety of design and manufacturing options, including the design and manufacturing of entire enclosure system, as well as partial solutions such as design and manufacturing of backplanes and enclosures, which are equipped with the client’s own backplane design, etc.

Asis Pro customers enjoy the benefits of Asis Pro being a member of Trans Innovation group, a leading provider of electronic components, cable assemblies, and electrical accessories – either in material cost as well as a shorter lead time.

As a leading manufacturer of complete enclosure systems, Asis Pro houses all the capabilities needed throughout the lifecycle of the products:

  • Electronic design: Asis Pro is renowned for its high-quality electronic designs, and is considered a global innovator in this field. As part of the customization services, Asis can offer a wide range of specialized electronic design services that include analog and digital expertise (system level) and PCB designs using the latest CAD systems and software. By using advanced simulation techniques, we can optimize any electronic layer count without compromising signal integrity. This expertise facilitates and optimizes our customer’s innovative designs
  • Thermal Design: as pioneers in the thermal design, analysis and testing of standard platform chassis engineering, our thermal design team offers a full range of thermal expertise. We use the most advanced simulation tools to predict thermal results and have our own in-house airflow laboratory to measure actual environmental data (temperature, pressure, airflow). Our thermal engineers work closely with our mechanical chassis engineering team to design with the highest thermal performance
  • Mechanical Design: with advanced technology, precision tools, and complex mechanical design expertise, our mechanical engineers provide a complete range of mechanical services to design, test and optimize the most complicated mechanical chassis designs
  • Manufacturing: Asis Pro houses a large-scale manufacturing plant with the ability to produce high-quality enclosures using premium components. From initial mechanical and backplane prototypes through high volume production, its in-house manufacturing capabilities are renowned throughout the world